Bai People Dwelling Colored Drawings


My name is Li Yunyi, a member of the Bai ethnic group. I’m 76 years old this year. My hometown is in Dali, southwest China’s Yunnan Province. I’ve been engaged in inheriting Bai People Dwelling Colored Drawings for over 50 years.


I have a pen name, Xin Yuan, which represents my ambition.


My favorite works is the Overall View of Jizu Mountain.


My name is Li Yefeng. I’m also an inheritor of the Bai People Dwelling Colored Drawings. I learnt colored drawings from my father Li Yuanyi.


The Dwelling Colored Drawings are painted on walls and doors. Actually these Chinese characters represent their surnames. For example, Zhang, and Yang mean pure family tradition; Zhao means glitters of a porcelain wall; Li means glitters and the strength of character left behind by Li Bai (famous Chinese poet in Tang Dynasty).


When my father taught us, what he said most was how to become a good person. Morality first, then the way of doing things.


He used to tell us that one must treat others with sincerity and good conscience.


When I was a child, I didn’t understand his strictness to me sometimes.

后来逐步慢慢的长大,懂事以后,父亲所有对我的一些要求都是更好,包括工作上,做人各方面,做事各方面都要求比较严格,最后觉得他非常好,非常棒。 Then after I gradually grew up and became mature, my father required me to be better. He was strict with my work, morality, handling affairs. But I finally came to appreciate what he has taught and done to me.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]


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