He Linyi, national-level inheritor of Baishaxiyue


I’m He Linyi, a member of the Naxi ethnic group. I live in Yulong Naxi Autonomuos County in Lijiang City in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. I’m a national-level inheritor of Baishaxiyue, an ancient musical piece and national intangible cultural heritage.


Baishaxieyue has a history of at least more than 800 years. When hearing it, all Naxi people will feel a sense of identity and an emotion at heart. Baishaxiyue not only inspires people, but also guides their actions. For instance, Baishaxiyue teaches people how to be filial to the parental generation.


From 2005, I started to give charity performances with our band at Yuhe Plaza in the Old Town of Lijiang. We didn’t get any rewards. We put on performances for three years, and during those years we spread our music to around 500,000 tourists.


Some tourists became tearful after listening to our music, saying that they saw and heard the real Naxi culture in the Old Town of Lijiang.


There were many foreigners coming to see our charity performances. Some of them were taking a trip in Lijiang. They heard our music and loved it so much.

后来我受邀请去了欧洲五个国家演出,我们去了德国的法拉克福、明斯克、莫斯科,还有匈牙利的布达佩斯、杰尔市等等一些地方去演出。他们听了之后非常感叹,基本上都是说I love you,love your Chinese music,Chinese music is good,竖起两个拇指给我们。

Then I was invited to give performances in five European countries. We went to Frankfurt in Germany, Minsk in Belarus, Moscow in Russia, and Budapest and Gyor in Hungary. People marveled after listening to our music. Basically, they gave the thumbs-up and said, “I love you, love your Chinese music. Chinese music is good.”


Beautiful landscape, to be honest, can be seen everywhere around the world. But our culture has its uniqueness. It only belongs to the Naxi people in Lijiang, so it’s our cultural confidence and our cultural individuality. Therefore, we must let the outside world know about our ethnic group and culture.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]


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