Yu Wulin, inheritor of Odede


I’m Yu Wulin, from the Nu ethnic group. I live in Laomudeng Village of Pihe Nu ethnic township in Fugong County, Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Nujiang, southwest China’s Yunnan Province. I’m the inheritor of Odede, a folk song and provincial-level intangible cultural heritage.

现在会哦得得的人这些也不是很多, 有些时候像暑假寒假的时候,我都是会自己免费到家里面给在火塘边上给小孩子去教我们的这些民歌哦得得这一类的。最主要是让他知道我们怒族还有这些文化,还有这些歌曲。

Now few people who can sing Odede. Sometimes, for example in summer or winter vacations, I would visit homes to teach kids at the fireplace our folk songs like Odede for free. The most important thing is to let them know about the culture of our Nu ethnic group, and those folk songs.


In our family, I’m ethnic Nu, and my wife is ethnic Dulong. My three brothers-in-law are respectively ethnic Lisu, Yi, and Han. Our family consists of members from five ethnic group.


According to our old tradition, we shouldn’t marry people from outside the village. But now, as our village opens up, transportation becomes more convenient, young men like us all have married people from outside the village. The local young Nu women also get married and live in areas farther away.


It’s very common in Yunan that a family consists of members of several ethnic backgrounds. Within a family, they never interfere, but get along well with each other.


Now, more and more people are traveling here. There are already 18 families running guesthouses for tourists in our village. My family is the first one to run a guesthouse. People learned from us that there’s no need to be migrant workers. We can make money at home, and can also take care of the elderly and children. So we learn from each other.


A beautiful highway is under construction here in Nujiang. When it’s completed, there’ll be more tourists, and our business will become better and better. All the villagers can be involved in our tourism and service industries, so we can earn a higher income and a better living.

[ Editor: Zhang Zhou ]


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