"My Farewell to Poverty": My steamed bun restaurant becomes an "internet celebrity"

Sunshine illuminates my steamed bun restaurant through the Chinese parasols on both sides of the road. The color of the restaurant is attractive, some say it is Morandi green and some say it is "celestial cyan that waits for the rain", which attracts a lot of young people to "clock in" this "internet celebrity" restaurant.

I don't know about the young trend, but I know this small restaurant of 17 square meters makes our life better.

This restaurant is located in a historical block in Shanghai. In the past, the space of the restaurant was so small that we had to put the stove on the sidewalk, which didn't match the surroundings. I always worried if it would be demolished in urban environment reconstruction.

The subdistrict office has held several meetings on this issue. Unexpectedly, the neighbors wanted to keep this restaurant when consulted. "We are used to this taste, can't leave it," they said. As an essential need, the restaurant was finally incorporated into the renovation project.

The subdistrict office also invited a designer who had overseas experiences and was very conscientious. He said he would make this restaurant practical and beautiful, with a sense of style and without losing the sense of folklore.

After renovation, the restaurant had a brand-new look. The cabinet and bucket are convenient to use, the range hood is powerful enough to keep the steam from drifting into the street.

A better environment makes a better mood. Now we have no difficulties with food and clothing. I have time to have a nap or watch videos on the stool when not busy.

I come from Huaining, Anqing, Anhui province and I have been in Shanghai for almost 30 years. These years working in the city, hard work is a matter of course. I wake up at 3 am every day to prepare the ingredients until we close at 8 pm. The fillings are made by myself. Authentic ingredients make the buns sell well.

Shanghai is my half hometown. Here, although I work hard, I am happy. My family's story is negligible. If it could be published, please send me a copy, so that my descendants may know how we get our good times when they read it.

The original article is contributed by Yan Weiqi, translated by Fei Jinglun.

Find the original piece at https://epaper.gmw.cn/gmrb/html/2021-07/12/nw.D110000gmrb_20210712_6-01.htm

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