CPC’s Mission and Contributions: How does the Party serve the people wholeheartedly?

2021-August-26 18:58 By: GMW.cn

The Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Thursday released a key publication titled "The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions".

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The great path the CPC and Chinese people have embarked upon, the great cause they have undertaken, and the great achievements they have made over the past century will go down in the annals of the Chinese nation and humanity, said the document.

It also stated that “all the struggles, sacrifices and efforts made by the CPC and by the Chinese people under its leadership have been directed to one goal -- the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

The document consists of five chapters, namely "Serving the People Wholeheartedly", “Realizing the Ideals of the Party”, “Robust Leadership and Strong Governance”, “Maintaining Vigor and Vitality” and the chapter of “Contributing to World Peace and Development”.

The first chapter pointed out that the CPC is dedicated to the people and forever puts their interests first. It said the CPC follows the underlying trends of social development and respects the people's principal role in making history.

The CPC pursues the lofty goal of working for the wellbeing of the Chinese people, and it does everything in the interests of the people, the document said.

So how does the CPC serve the people wholeheartedly?

Here are some highlights.

CPC’s Mission and Contributions: How does the Party serve the people wholeheartedly?

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